Children’s Health


Last month our local nurses and doctors, with the help of a volunteer doctor from Europe, visited the schools to give free checkups. The most prevalent problem encountered concerned the children’s mouths. About 50% of the kids had dental problems. There was also a fair amount that had lice or fleas as well. Fortunately there were not many bone […]

New Clinic in Yelapa

Clinic Doctors

Note from Kendra Garcia: Health Clinic: A great effort was made by community members to clean up the grounds at the health clinic on Feb 15th. Lots of leaves were swept up (and composted), trees were cut and/or trimmed, construction remains were thrown out, moved, or organized, a few plants were planted and more.  The little health […]

Seventh Annual Women’s Art Week

The local Veterinarian clinic


We support the work of the Pamela, the local veterinarian, in her spay/nueter clinic and have adopted several dogs and cats.  This is Lilly, who divides her time between the US and Mexico.