The path to El Jardin

Yelapa Path to Casas Santa Cruz and El Jardin,

Video showing the path from Playa Isabel to El Jardin


Women’s Art week-2014

Mexico 2014 133

This year’s Art Week, lead by Sierra Briano, was a wonderful success as usual.  With 5 women in attendance, they worked on projects ranging from Tin Embossing to Tee Shirt painting.  Mayra, from Brisas Cafe, was their live model one day in a traditional Mexican dress. Peg, our artist/birder,  kept us informed as to what birds […]



Growing Pineapples at El Jardin

Growing pineapples here at El Jardin is so much dang fun.  First, you are taking something that most people throw away,  planting it in the ground and later that same year it will bear the cutest little baby pineapple you have ever seen. Pineapples are the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family.  And we are so […]

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Nicole is here for the winter!

We are excited to have Nicole Oakland here at El Jardin and Casas Santa Cruz for the winter season (December through February)!   Check out her bio below… Nicole Oakland moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997 after getting a liberal arts degree in Sociology and Anthropology in Texas. After working in the museum world for […]

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Photo by Antonia Arnés

How does your garden grow?

As neighbors, friends and guests of El Jardin “pop-in” for a quick afternoon visit as customary in Yelapa, they tend to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ as they observe the lush tropical garden at the four-casa, 14 person retreat. That’s because the heavy summer rains have facilitated the fast growth of more than 75 plant and flower […]

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What WAS that noise????

Every once in a while, I am shocked from whatever task I’m working on by a screechy, clucky, very LOUD clatter.  My first thought is “the train has arrived”, but alas, there are no trains in Yelapa… but there are Chachalaca birds in Yelapa.  Chachalacas are large chicken like birds that remind me of a […]

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Full MoonTribute to Isabel

 Those of you who know Yelapa and were fortunate enough to know Isabel Jordan, know that usually a party of some kind naturally formed around her.  Tonight is a full moon and as I walked past Playa Isabel with the brilliant reflection bouncing off the water I couldn’t help but remember many a full moon […]

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Autumn in Yelapa

Autumn in Yelapa… I LOVE this time of year in Yelapa, however, if you know me, I say that about ALL the seasons in Yelapa. I come down every October to get the casas ready for the high season which begins in November. No matter how hard our summer caretakers work at keeping the place […]

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Women’s Circle Retreat

Linda Wolf lead a powerful Women’s Circle retreat with 9 dedicated women joining her this last week. Time was spent in healing dialog, joyful dancing and great feasting.  Linda has been leading these retreats for 9 years in Yelapa and we are thrilled that she is sharing her time in Yelapa at El Jardin. Next […]

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New Roof on the Nest

The Eagle’s Nest or  El Nido, is getting a new top.  A palm thatched hut on the ocean may be romantic, but it does have a down side… it doesn’t last forever,  We started seeing some wear this year and if you stayed there in the summer rains, you may have experienced a bit of […]

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